Print Sizing Guide

Sizing Guide

Paul's standard ratio prints are offered in 4 main sizes, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

The prints have been specifically sized to fit readily available frames and, making it possible for you to purchase a standard frame for your print from your local framing, art or interior design store.

We highly recommend custom framing for the Large and Extra Large prints. There is no printed border on the Extra Large prints, so special care is needed to get the frame to fit perfectly.


Small - Editions of 150

Perfect for your office desk, office walls, a hall table or other smaller space.

Image Size (for Mat Window): 12" x 8" or 30.5cm x 20.3cm

Total Print Size (including the 0.2" border): 12.4" x 8.4" or 31.5cms x 21.3cms

Frame: Choose a frame with a mat opening of 12" x 8" / 30.5cm x 20.3cm



Medium - editions of 75

Perfect size to put in a collection of 2 or 3 images in a living room, lounge room, bedroom or along a hallway.

Image Size (for Mat Window): 24" x 16" or 61cm x 40.6cm

Total Print Size (including the 0.3" border): 24.6" x 16.6" or 62.5cms x 42.1cms

Frame: Choose a larger frame with a mat opening of 24" x 16" / 61cm x 40.6cm



Large - editions of 25

Large options are best paired together in themes of subject or tonality, they work really well as feature pieces in bedrooms, offices, above the fire place or in the dinning room.

Image Size (for Mat Window): 36" x 24" or 91.5cm x 61cm

Total Print Size (including the 0.5" border): 37" x 25" or 94cms x 63.5cms

Frame: Choose a larger frame with a mat opening of 36" x 24" / 91.5cm x 61cm


Extra Large - editions of 15

These are a conversation piece, they literally make the room they are in. They are massive prints and combined with custom framing

Image Size (for Mat Window): 60" x 40" or 152.4cm x 101.6cm

Total Print Size (no border): 60" x 40" or 152.4cm x 101.6cm

Frame: Choose a larger frame with a mat opening of 60" x 40" / 152.4cm x 101.6cm or a no mat option. Custom frames are ideal for this size artwork.

Please note that we do not sell frames through our print store. The prints will be sent in specialised mailing tubes or in crushproof packaging. See our FAQ for more information on shipping.

If you are interested in other materials like acrylic, museum quality canvas and direct aluminium prints please email me: